The Most Millennial Police Chase In The History Of Police Chases Just Happened In LA, And It Was GTA V Come To Life

Los Angeles may have just witnessed the most millennial police evasion in the history of evading the police. Three young suspects who supposedly burglarized a house in Cerritos, Ca., led the LAPD on a chase for more than an hour, totaling a Ford Mustang along the way, and basically bringing GTA V to real life.

Their exploits included throwing the top down so they could stand up and dance with police in pursuit, pulling donuts across a freeway overpass, taking hot laps down Hollywood Blvd., blowing out two tires but keeping the pedal to the floor, an encounter with a TMZ tour bus, and a cavalry of presumed friends welcoming the three individuals back into their home neighborhood, where they took selfies and shook hands before turning themselves in peacefully.

Below are videos of all of those highlights from the most amazing police chase you’ll probably ever see that’s not in a video game.

And finally, the suspects wisely turned themselves in…

What a time. To be alive.

Also, on a related note…

[H/T @World_Wide_Wob]