19-Year-Old Mother Goes From A to G Cup to (Supposedly) Improve Her Parenting

Tamsin Wade, from Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England, was so unhappy with her breasts that she wouldn’t leave the house. She says her self-confidence was so low that she wouldn’t take her toddler, Finley, to play dates. In her own words:

‘I was unable to go swimming with Finley as I felt so self-conscious.

‘I was forced to wear baggy clothes to hide my figure and getting into a bikini made me feel so uncomfortable that me and Finley had never been swimming.

‘I started to shy away from going out at all as I just felt so bad about myself.’

Sooo… Well, you read the headline. She took out an $8,500 loan to enhance her breasts. Seriously enhance them. She went from an A cup to a G.

Now, her confidence is sky-high.

She said: ‘After the surgery I felt so much better and immediately started joining mum and baby groups for me and Finley.

‘He loves them and I love spending quality time with him.

I think she’s saying her son loves play groups. Not the breasts. Who knows. She says the loan payments haven’t affected her ability to raise her son, and that Dad, 26-year-old boyfriend Joe Johnson, is “thrilled with the results.”

This guy?

No. That doesn’t look like the kind of guy who likes fake tits.

Can’t wait to see how little Finley is doing in 20 years.

[Images via Cater News Agency]