Dude Sticks His Tongue In A Mouse Trap And Films It In Slow-Mo Using A 4K Camera…OUCH

The tongue is the strongest muscle in the body, this is one of my favorite trivia questions because most people seem to forget it. Well, ‘The Slow Mo Guys’ sat around wondering what it’d look like if they stuck the strongest muscle in the body into a mouse trap, they then filmed exactly that using their incredible 4K camera. This is one of those videos that really has no practical purpose for existing, I have no need to know what it looks like when a mouse trap shuts down on a tongue. That said, I’m sure as hell glad I’ve seen this video because it’s some f’d up footage, something I’ll not soon forget:

By no stretch of the imagination is this video excruciating to watch, but I have to admit I was flinching while that mouse trap was clinching shut on top of his tongue. I experienced a very visceral response to this video, I think I had to look away as that mouse trap slammed down on his tongue.

Also, I’d just like to take a moment to reflect on the time my ex’s mom called me out in some stuipd game of trivia for being a liar. I don’t remember what the game was, but the premise was one person would pull a card and ask a question, everyone would write their answers on a card and hand them in, the person who pulled the card would then go around and tell everyone that was wrong how stupid they were. She asked ‘what is the strongest muscle in the human body’ and I naturally wrote down ‘the tongue’.

This chick’s mom hated me back then, for whatever reason I just rubbed her the wrong way and she wasn’t going to change. So she reads my card first (she did this silently), then goes along and reads the other answers, and then informs the group that nobody got the answer correct and it was ‘the tongue’. I’m all ‘WTF?! Read my card again, I said the tongue!’ and she’s all ‘no you didn’t’ and that was really the first time I ever encountered how fucking crazy women can be sometimes. My answer was sitting on the table in front of everyone and she’s just doubling down on this lie because she doesn’t want to give me the satisfaction of being right…Beotches be crazy, man.