Grasshopper Mouse Vs. The Most Venomous Scorpion In The United States — Bruh, This Mouse Is Bad AF

If you were to say ‘Hey Cass, who would win in a fight: a mouse or a scorpion?’ I’d immediately answer ‘scorpion’. If you were to then tell me that the scorpion in this hypothetical fight was the most venomous scorpion in the United States I’d tell you that you were a fool for even asking me that question in the first place, because there’s no shot in hell that a lil old ‘Southern Grasshopper Mouse’ from the Sonoran Desert would have any shot at taking down a deadly scorpion.

Well, I’d end up looking like a goddamn idiot because this is a mouse who has made nature its bitch, and you’ll see why after clicking that play button on the video just below:

So why would I look like a goddamn fool for vehemently insisting that the scorpion would win in a fight? Well the Southern Grasshopper Mouse has 1) developed a sweet tooth for venomous scorpions and 2) adapted to withstand the stings from one of the baddest scorpions around.

You are now armed with this knowledge and can go forth into the world and make people look stupid for thinking that the MOST VENOMOUS SCORPION IN THE U.S. can’t even kill a tiny mouse. You can do this by clicking that share button right below and typing in the caption ‘if you think this highly venomous scorpion can kill this mouse you’re a goddamn fool!’ Just do it, do it and spread the word of how badass the Southern Grasshopper Mouse is.

[h/t MentalFloss via Deep Look]

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