Murderer Tried To Cut Off Off His Dick To Make It Look Like Giant Egyptian Serpent God

People say that they’re devoted to their god, but Nikko Jenkins is REALLY, REALLY devoted to his god. The deranged man, who is on death row for his murder of four people in 2013, mutilated his own dick so that it would look like an ancient Egyptian serpent god.

Court officials claim that the 29-year-old inmate carved his penis so that it would look like the Egyptian serpent god named Apophis or Apep. The ancient Egyptian deity embodied chaos, which by judging Nikko’s tattooed face, he’s a big fan of. That’s quite an impressive tribute to your god, and you really must be confident in the size of your dong to think you’re going to emulate a 30-foot snake god with your dick.

Nikko’s cock mutilation required 27 stitches. Jenkins, who’s current residence is the Nebraska State Penitentiary in Lincoln, Nebraska, is no stranger to mutilations. He carved the word “Satan” across his face, tried to slice his tongue to make it look like a snake and once tried to cut “666” into his head, but was looking in the mirror, so he etched it backwards. Oopsies!

Prison authorities are boggled on how Jenkins continues to get his hands on sharp items. In July, cameras were installed in Jenkins’ cell, absorbent socks were placed under his cell door to prevent items from being passed underneath and he is no longer allowed to shave. A correctional officer stands guard outside his jail cell all the time and is required to check on him every 15 minutes.

Prosecutors have said that Jenkins told prison employees that he self-mutilates so he can “use the insanity defense” and “embarrass the administration.”

What a fucking dummy! He chose to worship the wrong ancient god! If he only selected the fertility god, Priapus from Greek mythology, he wouldn’t have to chop off his dick. Priapus, who is the protector of livestock, fruit plants, gardens and most importantly male genitalia, is just some dude with a massive cock that is permanently rocking an erection. You could keep your wang attached to your body and still honor this deity. What an all-time blunder by Nikko!