Watch A Naked Woman High AF Steal A Deputy’s Police Truck Then Lead Cops On A High-Speed Chase Across 70 Miles

One minute you’re face-to-face with a naked woman who’s completely blitzed and the next minute she’s stealing your police truck and leading the entire police force on a 70-mile high-speed chase.

We take you to Mesa, Arizon where 31-year-old Mesa resident Lisa Luna was walking the streets stark naked and completely tweaked. A police officer approached the woman and she told him that she had been sexually assaulted by a family member causing her to take “a large amount of drugs.” Later, she admitted that she hadn’t been raped, but rather she was just fucked up on drugs.

The woman managed to steal the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office deputy’s truck after he went to the back of the vehicle to retrieve a blanket to cover her up.

Body camera video shows the scene as the woman jacks the cop’s truck and drives away. The woman drove the stolen vehicle for over 70 miles despite being chased by police, but eventually she was caught.

Luna is now facing several felony charges. She was booked into Maricopa County Jail and her bond was set at $50,000.

Luna said she was trying to get to California.


And high as fuck.

Speaking from jail, Luna told reporters about her terrible trip.

“I remember fainting a lot,” she said. “I remember like a lot of yelling — commotion. Like a lot of blurry in and out. … It just got out of hand really quick. … [A] lot of things went bad really quick. That’s all I remember.”

Luna also said that her cousin had stolen her identity and poisoned her food.

“She had been giving me stuff that had been making me feel really weird,” she said. “I don’t know what it was.”

Hmmm. I hate when my relatives poison my food with acid.

“I remember my skin burning,” she said. “I remember my skin burning. Like I couldn’t, like I couldn’t handle it. Like, my skin was just on fire. … I don’t know if it was acid or what it was.”

Authorities believe she was high on meth and spice.

Tough break for the cop who ate pavement trying to not have his car. I’m sure his fellow police officers will totally not bust his balls for having his truck stolen by a naked woman.

So the only question remains is, wouldya?