Poser Pretending To Be Navy SEAL Gets Bitch Slapped By Real Army Ranger

American Sniper set box office records as well as being the topic of much conversation and debate. The movie’s protagonist, Chris Kyle, has brought a lot of attention and admiration to the Navy SEALs. This one gentleman seems to admire the SEALs in the worst way possible.

This drunk dude apparently got into an argument with a Army Ranger at a drinking establishment so he went outside to wait to fight him. While outside he was interviewed by some bystanders and the angry guy revealed that he is a Navy SEAL. After a couple simple questions that any military member would easily know, it was very apparent that this fraud was not a Navy SEAL.

One of the interviewers was actually a real Army Ranger who took exception to this sickening charlatan and bitch slaps him to prove that he isn’t a Navy SEAL (4:10 mark).

The slap was probably a little unnecessary, but if this scumbag was prosecuted for stealing valor he would have faced a much worse punishment of fines and up to a year in jail.