You Can Now Find McNazi Symbols On Your McDonald’s Chicken Sandwiches If You Live In North Carolina

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Ever had a burning desire to eat a McDonald’s chicken sandwich with the timelessly classic Nazi insignia slathered in butter all over the bun? Well today is your lucky day, because that oddly specific and fairly offensive dream is now an obtainable reality…or at least it was, until the fun police (read: 100% justifiable actions by McDonalds) came along and ruined everything.

“A Carteret County mother makes a shocking discovery when she goes to eat her chicken sandwich from a McDonald’s drive-thru in Morehead City. That customer, Charleigh Matice, said when she went to put mayonnaise on her bun she found a swastika etched in butter on it.

Matice said she couldn’t believe someone could possibly do that in this day and time.
‘Is this a joke? Does somebody really think they’re funny?,’ Matice said.
This anti-Semitic symbol was used by the Nazi party in Germany during the Holocaust. Her grandfather had fought in World War II. She said the swastika really offended her.

‘Many people died because of that symbol and it’s not something that should be taken lightly. It’s not something that should be thrown around,’ Matice said.
She said when she went inside the restaurant employees offered to replace it.
‘I really didn’t have an appetite at that point so I said I rather have my money back,’ Matice said.”

Lady, that is a perfectly good (albeit offensive) chicken sandwich you’re letting go to waste. Children are starving in Africa, or at least so I’m told by Sarah McLachlan’s sad PSA commercials. If you really gave a shit about how offensive a swastika is, then you should’ve done what millions of Americans do every day and shove that greasy excuse for “food” down your throat and then crapped it out with a giant smile on your face, thinking silently to yourself “Yeah, take THAT you fuckin’ Nazi.”

When contacted for a statement, McDonalds replied:

” ‘We are very sorry for the service that our customers received, and to be clear we have terminated the employee who was involved. We do not tolerate that kind of behavior at McDonald’s, and it’s not what we stand for personally as owners. It is about providing the best level of service and care to our customers, and anything less than that is unacceptable to us.” – Dulcy Purcell, local McDonald’s Owner/Operator in Morehead City, NC'”

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“Best level of service and care to our customers,” riiiighttt… if you really cared then you wouldn’t charge me an extra 25 cents for every dipping cup of honey mustard I ask for. I’m calling bullshit. While I’m clearly not McDicks’ #1 fan, Matice seems to be okay with everything now that her sandwiches are officially a swastika-free zone.

“Matice said she’s not upset with McDonald’s anymore.

‘I’m a loyal customer and that’s why I don’t want people like that representing them,’ Matice said.

She said she plans on eating there again.”

If I ever describe myself as a “loyal customer” to McDonalds, please kill me because my life has obviously hit a dead-end and is no longer worth living.

[H/T Death and Taxes]

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