Netflix ‘Hack’ Lets You Delete Anything Dumb In Your Viewing History So You Stop Seeing Garbage Choices Recommended

If you’re ever looking for some easy, petty revenge to enact on someone, look no further than Netflix. Just scroll down through the app until you hit a bunch of really shitty movies/tv shows, let a few of the worst ones play for 5-10 minutes or so (you don’t have to sit there and watch, obviously, just let it play) and VOILA! Whoever owns that account will now have a bunch of garbage recommendations queued up until the end of time, and no one will be the wiser as to how they wound up there except for you.

OR, if your friend is smart, they’ll check out this Netflix “hack” that lets you delete anything unsavory in their viewing history, thereby fixing their recommendations and rendering your petty revenge unsuccessful. Bummer, yes – but considering how I gave my parents my Netflix password and now have a bunch of British Victorian period dramas and HGTV shows queued as suggestions, I’d say this is a good trick to keep in mind should something similar ever happen to you.

Step 1: Login to Netflix on a computer

Step 2: Go to “Your Account”

Step 3: Click on “Viewing History” at the bottom:

Step 4: Delete any stupid garbage programming you don’t want:

And POOF! You’ll no longer get suggestions for My Little Pony or Tudors: Season 3 in your queue anymore, unless, y’know…you’re into that sort of thing.

[H/T Engadget]