Netflix Is Offering A $2,000-A-Week Job That Requires Almost No Skill Other Than Taking Pictures On Instagram

If travelling the world, taking pictures and skulking around movie and television sets trying to get a glimpse of famous actors is your beat, then look no further than Netflix’s “Grammasters,” who are basically glorified Instagrammers that Netflix pays to fly around the world and take pictures for them.

I’m not kidding.

Currently looking for four new “Grammasters,” Netflix will pay you $2,000 a week for two weeks to hang out on Netflix sets in the Middle East and Europe. According to the job terms:

Netflix is searching for…persons who will act as photographers (“Grammasters”) who will, among other duties, travel to several European locations where they will take photographs of iconic film and TV locations for Netflix utilizing the Instagram application. They may also give public relations interviews and make media appearances. A full description of their duties and the compensation will be fully set forth in a written independent contractor agreement.

To apply, you must be 21 years of age or older and have a mobile phone or other wireless or electronic device that supports the Instagram application and has a digital camera feature. You must have an Instagram account. Your account cannot be in the “protected” or “private” mode.

All you have to do is choose three of your favorite original photos on Instagram that show off your “skills” as an amateur photographer, then follow and tag Netflix in the photos along with the hashtag #Grammasters3.

The “job search” ends March 6th.

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[H/T Business Insider]