You’re Never Going to Get Home for Thanksgiving

At the airports last night, flights headed into Philly were especially bad, with most delayed by more than two hours. Across the country, hundreds of flights were cancelled and more than 5,000 were delayed.

And today, things will be worse. Heavy rain and wind is expected to strike the East Coast, with ice and snow hitting western Pennsylvania and western New York. Snow hitting the interior of the Northeast is expected to be less than 10 inches, but the roads will still, obviously, be crowded and dangerous. “We've got everything with this [storm] – real heavy rains, (at) the lower elevations a band of freezing rain, heavy snows and then behind it, wind,” a meterologist told Reuters(David Price just chimed in to say your girlfriend shouldn't drive. Okay, David.)

The bottom line: You may find some trouble getting home today whether by rail, air, or road. Be patient, and try not to kill the fellow weary souls who just want the dark meat of the turkey.

On a positive note, the NFL games are not expected to be delayed tomorrow. You may watch them at an airport Chili's, but you've still got the NFL.