Introducing the New Meme Guaranteed to Maim: The Knife Song

I kid. Even though the dance wasn't the real Harlem Shake, I enjoyed the videos, from the first few three weeks ago to the Miami Heat's last week. The problem, though, is that they were a little too innocuous. By the meme's nature, the format of each clip went exactly the same: One guy danced solo in the beginning, the beat dropped, craziness followed. Where was the chance that something could go wrong? Where was the danger?

Enter the Knife Song.

The knife song has been around since 2011, and the Five-Finger-Filet has been around for much longer—at least the saloon days of Red Dead Redemption. (Similar to the Harlem Shake's long history, eh?) The song made a comeback this weekend with a Norwegian teenager named Hanna Fylling Ellingseter managing to play the game without cutting any major arteries. Video is above.

Will others follow her lead and post Knife Songs of their own? Oh yeah. Will some fail? Oh yeah. But isn't it time we had a meme with a little Jackass-style danger behind it?

(But seriously, don't do this.) 

[H/T: Reddit]