16 Women Revealed The ‘Nice’ Things Guys Do That In Reality Actually Creep Them The Hell Out

Do you always know when you are creeping a woman out? If not, then here are some tips you need to commit to memory.

Because even though many men out there think that they’re doing something “nice” for a woman, they are in fact just creeping these ladies the hell out.

Here are some of the best tips shared by ladies over on Reddit. Read them and then DON’T DO THESE THINGS…

“Surprise” visits when you tell them you can’t meet with them. ~ pinkswirls

I had a guy show up to my work once. I got a flat tire the day before, he said that he came to visit me to tighten my lug nuts on my spare (I’m a petite girl). The catch is, I worked in Vegas at a large and popular hotel- he walked through two large parking garages of 8 floors each to find my car before coming into my work to see me. ~ Sportslov3r

Physically picking me up without notice.

I’m lucky, being taller than average and heavier than I look, so it doesn’t happen a ton to me, but I’ve known a lot of short, petite women that deal with this on the regular. ~ MomSmellsLikeVodka

I don’t know any girls that actually like the “I was/could be with all these other girls but I couldn’t stop thinking about you” line.

Telling you how perfect and amazing you are excessively after you just met.

Also, talking about how nice they are. ~ BeastModePwn

This one guy sent me a video of him doing kinky stuff with other people – he thought it would be a turn on for me and make me want him. I thought it was a weird thing to do, especially because he and I had just met and were not dating. ~ PancakeSanchez

Coming into your workplace when you work in the service industry and act like they are the only customer that exists and they just.keep.talking. ~ greenmachine09

Following me to my car/house/next class when I say I’m fine. You may think it’s protective of me, but I said no and YOU might actually be what I’m trying to get away from. ~ VakarianBottleBlast

I get yelled and honked at and that shit has never made me anything but fearful. ~ effieokay

Forced hugs by coworkers are the absolute worst. It’s happened to me with three separate coworkers, all male. Please tell me what signals I’m giving off that makes you think it’s acceptable to grab me up in your arms. It’s far too intimate and uncomfortable, but if I protest suddenly I’m the jerk because he was “just being nice!” ~ writtenrhythm

A stranger I just met offering to walk me home because it’s not safe to walk home alone. There’s no nice way to say, “But, you could be a rapist. Plus, now I know you know I’m walking home alone and you could follow me.” ~ PetieCue

Calling me after a rapid fire of excessive texts that I don’t answer. I don’t know if this qualifies as nice but twice I’ve been at work with my phone away and when I’ve comeback to it have a slew of texts asking where I am/what am I doing/am I okay followed by a phone call.

Damn son I’m working chill out. ~ GreatWhiteRapper

Randomly adding me on Facebook and trying to “develop a friendship, maybe more” and then not getting the hint that I prefer making friends outside of Facebook and keep texting me.

Honestly, it is not cool or modern, I find it rather disturbing when I receive random friend requests from people I haven’t even one common friend with. ~ SleepySlowpoke

A good morning text, every, single, day! I’m talking about guys that do this when we’re not in a relationship. ~ ALWAYS_TELLING_LIES

Not exactly “creepy” but a lot of guys are convinced that telling a girl that she doesn’t need “all that makeup” is one of the nicest things you can say to a girl. Don’t get me wrong, it can be super nice for girls who genuinely think they need makeup or won’t go out in public without it. But if a girl is wearing really dark makeup or makeup that is obviously not very natural, we’re probably not wearing it because we feel self conscious without it. Makeup is an artistic outlet for a lot of women and personally, it’s the one thing I do in the mornings a few days a week that is really fun for me and it’s frustrating when guys can’t see it as anything more than a girl trying to look prettier. Believe me – I know I probably look more conventionally attractive without bright purple eyeshadow but I don’t really care because it’s so fun to put on! ~ laganjadelrey

Commenting on my physical appearance in a business setting. One of my male co-workers seems to think he’s just being nice, but it feels super creepy to have him comment on my clothes or hair. The problem is that with many guys if you call them on this they get all pissy and say they’re just giving you a compliment, and call you full of yourself for thinking it was in any way sexual. But they don’t give those comments to their male co-workers… ~ IlludiumQXXXVI

Telling me to smile when I have a straight face or when I’m frowning. ~ imNotAnAnimal

Yeah, I learned that one the hard way once.

Check out the rest of the ladies’ responses over at Reddit and DON’T DO THEM!

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