Nick Offerman’s ‘Father’s Day’ Is A Look At The Unspoken Bond Between Father And Son, The Completely Wordless Bond

Father’s Day 2016 is THIS SUNDAY, bros, and if you haven’t already picked your dad up a gift it’s not too late to earn that respect and fatherly love that you’ve been so desperately yearning for. You can check out my 2016 Father’s Day Gift Guide from a few weeks back, it’s fully of gifts that dad will actually want this year, or you can go with a bottle of Lagavulin like Nick Offerman‘s suggesting in the nearly silent video above.

Nick Offerman isn’t a man of many words until he gets hammered, then he seems to become a little more loquacious, at least that appears to be the case based on videos I’ve seen across the Internet. This one though, this perfectly captures that extremely unique father-son bond that doesn’t require constant spoken affirmations of love for one another. A father and son can spend and entire lifetime without actually telling each other they love one another, because that bond is unspoken and it doesn’t need to be said aloud to be real. This is what Nick Offerman’s saying in his Father’s Day tv spot for Lagavulin, and I love it….Now here’s something I’m almost afraid to admit: I’ve never drank Lagavulin.

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When it comes to single malt scotch I drink Laphroaig and Macallan, and I’m a creature of habit so I haven’t gotten around to sampling Lagavulin yet. I’m also going to a tasting a week from Friday for Johnnie Walker where I’ll get to taste the Blue, another scotch I’ve yet to sample….What am I missing, bros? Holler at me down below in the comments with your single malt suggestions.

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