Turns Out That North Korean Nuclear Test Was A Power Move Designed To Stunt On Our Commander-In-Chief

Regardless of your opinion of Barack Obama, you can’t deny the fact there’s a belief out there that he’s completely feckless on the international stage. The pullouts from Iraq and Afghanistan, the refusal to deploy troops in Syria, the caving to Russia as it menaces Eastern Europe.

Just kinda seems like B-Rock can be pushed around. Maybe he can’t, maybe he likes to be, maybe it’s a long play, I don’t know, but regardless, it sure seems other countries don’t respect the might of America any more.

Add to that list North Korea. The Wall Street Journal reported that after Obama successfully negotiated a nuclear deal with Iran, his team made entreaties to North Korea to see if the same could be achieved.

They responded by testing a nuke a couple days later. Talk about stunting.

Days before North Korea’s latest nuclear-bomb test, the Obama administration secretly agreed to talks to try to formally end the Korean War, dropping a longstanding condition that Pyongyang first take steps to curtail its nuclear arsenal.

Instead the U.S. called for North Korea’s atomic-weapons program to be simply part of the talks. Pyongyang declined the counter-proposal, according to U.S. officials familiar with the events.

Lol. Time was, America tells you to clean up your act, you do it. Now, they politely ask if you’ll be their friend for a little bit, hell, they’ll even use their lunch money to buy you a milkshake if you’ll just spend some time with them, and they get laughed out of the school yard.

[Via Mic]