This Guy Claims He Can Guess Whatever Number You’re Thinking Of And He Totally Just Mind F*cked Me

Lasse Balama is a goddamn mind reader. Which coincidentally is EXACTLY what he claims to be. He claims to be able to ‘read your mind’, and that premise alone was enough to get me to click through and check out what this is all about. Then he went through a series of questions, the guessing of numbers and stuff like that, and going through those questions I thought there was no way in hell he’d successfully read my mind and guess my number…and that’s where I was wrong. Also, if you don’t want to watch the video you can see his magic down below.

This dude straight up mind fucked me into guessing the number that he wanted me to. He didn’t read my mind, obviously. This video’s five days old, and he had no idea that I was even watching it. Instead he managed to mind fuck me into guessing the number seven, which I did. I’m guessing that the overwhelming majority of you bros also guessed that number, because that’s what this sorcerer wanted us to do.

So how did this work? I have no goddamn clue. He got us to answer that series of questions very quickly, as you can see below, and both the questions he asked and the answers were somehow designed to get us thinking about the number seven, probably because it wasn’t involved in any of the previous equations:

Seriously, he straight up mind fucked me. And I know that there will be some of you that didn’t guess the number seven, this isn’t REAL magic. But the overwhelming majority of us did guess 7, and it’s crazy AF. Now go forth into the world and share this wizardry with your bros.

[h/t Metro UK]

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