Chick Gets Pissed About Dude Blowing Her Off After One Night Stand And Does THE UNTHINKABLE To Get Payback

Open the history books and pencil this story in as one of the biggest bitch moves of all time.

Charmaine Wilson was pissed after she didn’t hear back after a one night stand with Liam Griffith. No one screws Charmaine Wilson without falling deeply, deeply in love with her!!! You hear me, Liam? No one! So Charmaine Wilson concocted a little plan that involved a little kid and an abuse of power at her job as a nurse.

Oh yeah, just like she faked an orgasm that night, she continued to fake with big Liam. Here’s the demented love story.

Wilson first met Liam on a drunken night out in 2012. The pair shared a taxi home and ended up having sex.

Mr Griffiths then decided he wanted nothing more to do with Wilson, however. Wilson’s obsession led her to stalk him on social media, forcing him to block her and change his telephone number.

But she spotted him on a hospital visit to his dying grandfather. Wilson approached with the toddler in her arms, announcing it was their son.

When Mr Griffiths demanded proof, Wilson later produced a forged a birth certificate and DNA test.

Charmaine Wilson tricked Liam Griffiths into thinking he was the the father of the baby boy for six months, leading to Mr Griffiths and his family to shower gifts on the child, Cardiff Crown Court heard. They bought her a car to help her get to work at The Princess of Wales Hospital in Bridgend, and started building the mother and child a small house on the grounds of the family home.

Did the polar ice caps just park themselves on top of my desk because THAT SHIT IS COLD!

It gets worse, unreal right, as Griffiths believed the kid to be his, only to get his nuts crushed once again. “Wilson’s fraud was discovered when a real relative of the boy spotted a picture of him with Mr Griffiths, 31, on Facebook. The relative broke the news to Mr Griffiths that he could not be the father, leaving him distraught.”

More ice caps!

Griffiths confronted Charmaine Wilson and she plead guilty to two counts of forgery for faking the birth certificate and the DNA results. Charmaine Wilson served jail time but recently had her sentenced lightened. She probably showed the judge their kid together.

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