Did The POTUS Just Say He Wants To ‘F*ck Hillary Clinton?’ It’s An All-Obama Episode Of ‘Unnecessary Censorship’

President Barack Obama is nearing the end of his second term, but it has been a stressful eight years for him. Obama has had to deal with terrorism, North Korea with nuclear weapons, and One Direction breaking up. These difficult challenges would cause anyone to drink, but Obama reveals that it has increased his cursing.

Obama details his potty mouth in an interview in Vanity Fair:

Generally speaking, people who know me will tell you that my public persona is not that different from my private persona. I am who I am. You sort of get what you see with me. The two exceptions are that I curse more than I should, and I find myself cursing more in this office than I had in my previous life. [Laughter.] And fortunately both my chief of staff and my national-security adviser have even bigger potty mouths than me, so it’s O.K. And the second thing is that I can be much more sarcastic and, I think, sometimes withering in my assessments of things than I allow to show in my public life.

Since there is no video of Obama’s cussing tirades, Jimmy Kimmel Live created this all-Obama edition of “Unnecessary Censorship.”

Wait. Did Obama just say, “The main thing I want to do is fuck Hillary Clinton.” I know Bill doesn’t care, but does Michelle know?