Obese Girl So Fat She ‘Couldn’t Walk’ Makes Comeback Of The Year By Losing Weight And Becoming A HOT Model

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25-year-old Tanya Rybakova once weighed over 200 pounds and used to describe herself as being “friendless.” Growing up poor and in Russia, Tanya’s diet consisted of cheap and unhealthy foods that ruined her body in the eyes of her peers, causing her to become ostracized from most of the kids her age. “Children were mean, so I didn’t socialize – I had no friends and spent a lot of time just reading. It was so bad I would come home from school crying and I didn’t want to go back. Being overweight took my confidence.”

Her turning point was prom night, however, which Tanya describes “as the worst night of her life.” Realizing that a lifestyle change was necessary, she decided it was time to drop the weight and enlisted the help of a nutritionist and trainer.

‘We didn’t know it wasn’t right, as it was tasty. My weight become big and I was having breathing problems and I couldn’t walk…’

‘I was trying a lot of things to lose weight. I would try one diet after another.

‘But there was a lot of crap diets that were popular but not healthy.

‘When I was a student at university I was having health problems from not eating healthy like feeling weak and shaking.

‘I researched healthy food and went to nutritionist and I wanted to learn everything about fitness training.’(via)

Eventually Tanya managed to lose the weight and had her excess skin removed via surgery three years ago. She now runs an online program to help others who are in the same situation she used to be and has over 170,000 followers on Instagram who look to her story for motivation:

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