This Tinder Guy Offers Girls $200K To Sleep With A Random Guy And Makes $10K From The Ones Who Accept

So right off the bat, there’s a 99% chance that this guy who claims to be an attorney is just some neckbeard who sits around playing Counterstrike all day in his parents San Francisco Bay Area basement and pulls shit like this on Tinder just so girls will talk to him because he’s sad and alone. But on the other hand…

What if it’s not?

What if there’s actually a market full of rich white dudes who have so much money to burn that they get off on seeing people do weird fetish shit? I believe it. Whether or not “Mark,” is actually a liaison for this hidden industry, however, remains to be decided.


It’s not until the next night that Mark connects with a roommate of the original Tinder girl, to which he explains away that they’re just fucking with people and that the three of them should get together for a date sometime:




So probably the entire thing is total bullshit and this guy’s just looking for a way to fuck with people…but personally, I like to whip out my tinfoil hat every now and then, so I’m going to go with the theory that he’s just trying to cover his ass now. CONSPIRACY?? I think so.