This Story Of An Officer’s Life Being Saved From Attackers By His K-9 Partner Is Proof Dogs Are The BEST

Deputy Todd Frazier was patrolling Highway 90 in Pearlington, Mississippi on Monday when he noticed a suspicious car at a rest stop. The rest stop was deserted, and the driver of the blue Lincoln Town car was motionless. Upon investigating the scene Deputy Frazier was ambushed by two assailants hiding in the bushes, and the previously motionless driver sprung to life. While attempting to fight off the three attackers Deputy Frazer was slashed across the forehead with a razor blade, choked, and dragged to the woods. Sitting on what must have seemed like death’s doorstep, Deputy Todd Frazier was finally able to hit a remote release button upon which backup arrived in the form of a black Belgian Malinois named Lucas, his K-9 reinforcement. Lucas sent the cowardly attackers running off into the woods by biting them, and protecting officer Frazier during his time of need. Lucas the Belgian Malinois is a goddamn American hero, and deserves to be praised as such.

via Reuters / Yahoo!

Mississippi sheriff’s deputy who was ambushed by two men along a remote stretch of highway, then choked and carried toward woodland, was rescued by his canine partner who chased off the attackers, an official said on Wednesday.
Deputy Todd Frazier was grabbed by two men as he approached a parked car near the southern community of Pearlington earlier this month, said Hancock County Sheriff’s Department Detective Anthony Gambino.
While one man put Frazier in a chokehold, and cut his forehead with some type of blade, the other picked up his legs and the pair carried the deputy off toward a woodline, Gambino said.
“They told him they were going to cut his throat,” Gambino said.
Frazier, a three-year department veteran, was able to free his arm and activate an electronic device that released his canine partner, a black Belgian Malinois named Lucas, from the patrol car, Gambino said.
While Frazier struggled to catch his breath, Lucas “continued to pursue” the suspects on foot, Gambino said.
The dog suffered a torn ligament, some broken teeth, and road rash to his back hip area, suggesting he may have been dragged by the fleeing car as he latched onto one of the assailants, Gambino said.
The motivation for the attack was still under investigation. The suspects have not been arrested.

If that’s not the single greatest ending to a K-9 unit/dog rescue story in the history of K-9 units, then I don’t know what is. Just stop and imagine for a second that Lucas the Belgian Malinois was so devoted to protecting his handler, Deputy Frazier, that he tore a ligament running after the cowardly assailants, and suffered road rash from latching onto the fleeing vehicle as three adult males were so terrified of a dog they hauled ass out of there.


The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office had a Facebook update yesterday afternoon regarding the status of Lucas:

We have received numerous calls and messages with concerns on how Canine Lucas is doing. While Canine Lucas suffered a…

Posted by Hancock County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Anyone who says that dogs aren’t the greatest pet and/or animal in the world is an absolute moron. You’d never see that level of devotion, training, and compassion from any animal other than a dog. I’m certain that when Lucas gets out of the hospital he’ll be rewarded with the greatest of ceremonies and honors for saving Todd Frazier’s life.

For those of you who might want to make a donation to support Lucas and the K-9 unit that saved Deputy Todd Frazier’s life you can do so by following these instructions from the Facebook page of the Sheriff’s Office:

“First we would like to thank everyone for their concerns and support. We have received several inquires as to how people can help our canines through donations. The Sheriff’s Office Canine Division operates primarily off of donations. The Hancock County Canine Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) that you can make donations to. All of the funds are used to support and supply the canines in an effort to make their jobs safer, more comfortable and effective. If you wish to make a donation, you can provide us with your email address for all of the tax deductible information to be sent to you or You can contact Cmdr. Jeremy Skinner @ 228-466-6900”

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