This Crazy Viral Optical Illusion Once Again Has People On The Internet Going Nuts Arguing With One Another

As I was going through my usual morning perusal of Instagram looking to see what everyone was up to overnight when I came across this photo…

I took a look at it and immediately saw two really oily legs and just scrolled on. BUT, for some reason after a second or two I decided to scroll back and look again because why would she say, “Once you see it you can’t unsee it”? Then it hit me. BAM! OPTICAL ILLUSION!

Turns out I was not alone because this thing has apparently been going viral all night with people arguing over what they see.

So what do you see?

Oily legs or something else?

Here’s the tweet that got it all started…

(Warning: The caption kind of gives it away if you really think about it.)

Thousands of comments later and we know the truth…

The definitive answer?

So there you go.

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