Does What O.J. Simpson Allegedly Said About The Knife Found On His Property Sound Like A Confession To You?

Last week, we (okay, TMZ) broke the news that a knife was found buried on O.J. Simpson’s Brentwood property and withheld from evidence for years.

Initial analysis, however, determined it was inconsistent with the weapon used to kill Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

That doesn’t prove anything. I own many knives, I’m sure O.J. had plenty, too.

But in a story about O.J.’s manager at the time of the crime, who claims he knows who committed the murders but can’t say, the Daily Mail dropped this tidbit (which is possibly of dubious veracity).

Simpson burst into loud, uncontrollable laughter when he heard the news that the LAPD was testing a knife as the murder weapon that was found at his former Brentwood mansion.

‘It’s complete bulls**t. But this is all they got. It’s pathetic, really pathetic,’ Simpson told a prison source. ‘Let me tell ya’ll something, I’m not that stupid, I got on a plane that night going to Chicago, that’s all I’m gonna say.’

Uhhhh, that’s not a denial.

Of course, O.J. also practically admitted to the murders in a tell-all book that was eventually scrapped, so you know. It’s not like he’s got that much to hide.