People Shared ‘The One Thing Everyone Should Know About Sex’ And Dropped Some Major Truth Bombs

by 3 years ago
things everyone should know about sex


Once again, as I have said before, when it comes to sex, knowledge is power. “The more you know” isn’t just a catchphrase when comes to having success in the bedroom.

So when I saw this “Ask Reddit” thread posed by Redditor Myhusbandwillbeacat with the question, “What is one thing about sex everyone should know?” I figured it was something we should all probably read.

Little did I know that many of these responses would be so dead-on accurate.

Here’s a little sampling of what the readers came up with. See if you don’t agree with any or all of them.

Always pee after. Always. ~ slowsloths

Shower sex is not as fun as you’d think. The logistics just don’t work. ~ LSD_Trippy

The hole is lower than you would think. ~ PM_Me_Nuudez

There can be weird and awkward bodily noises. Just laugh it off or ignore it. Please. ~ viqueen97

Ask before you stick a finger in your dudes butt. ~ MarkAssBitch

A towel nearby or in use is never, ever, a bad idea. ~ friendsknowthisone

If roofies help you get sex, you’re doing it wrong. ~ MarkAssBitch

Use a condom, no matter how many times she tells you she is taking anticonception pills. ~ youdontwantthis

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