Woman Pays Way Too Much Money For Operation To Save Pet Goldfish Chocking On A Rock

People will pay a huge sum of money to save a beloved pet. This coming from a guy who paid $5k to save his cat’s life by having his dick removed (long story for another time). An Australian woman spent a chunk of change to save her pet goldfish. I’m usually all for saving lives but no goldfish is worth this much change.

Courage, a pet goldfish, was rushed to the vet where his owner was faced with a choice: get an expensive aquatic operation complete with anesthetic to remove a pebble stuck in his throat or let the fish die.

Emma Marsh parted with A$500 ($377) when her pet goldfish Courage presented with the life threatening condition of “mouth-blocked-by-pebble,” the Courier Mail reported. The 13-gram (0.4 oz) fish mistook the stone for a hearty meal and was unable to spit it back out.

How do you even know if a goldfish is choking?

Conquer first had to be anesthetized, a process that involved dripping an anesthetic agent into the water until he dozed off, allowing the veterinarians to remove the stone.

Better question — how the hell do you know when a fish is sleeping?!?

Courage is expected to make a full recovery and live, who knows, probably like another week because it’s a fucking goldfish.

[via Mashable]

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