We Asked The Opinions Of 24 Bros About The 2016 Presidential Election And Here’s What You Had To Say

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We’ve seen countless polls predicting what is going to happen on November 8th, but what about the young American male? What are the issues that bros care about? What proposed policies are they worried about? Which candidates are captivating young men to get out and cast their vote? We decided to stop wondering and ask you, the all-important readers. Here’s what you have to say about the critical upcoming election.

Our methodology was to select posts regarding the 2016 presidential election on BroBible’s Facebook. We selected three posts regarding the election that had no bias towards either of the candidates, we selected three posts that were seen as pro-Hillary Clinton, and we selected three posts that were seen as pro-Donald Trump. Then we contacted randomly selected commenters from the posts on Facebook and asked them to be part of our election survey.

We asked them these four questions:

1.) Are you voting in the 2016 presidential election and if not why?
2.) Is this your first time voting?
3.) Who are you voting for in the presidential election?
4.) Why are you voting for that candidate?

These are the answers from your fellow readers, please respect their rights to express their opinions on such a polarizing topic.

Thomas from Pennsylvania
1.) Yes, I am voting
2.) This is the third presidential election I’ll be voting in
3.) I’ll be voting for Donald Trump
4.) I’m voting for him because I believe he will bring about an actual change to how our government is run, not being another politician that wants to be elected to rest on their laurels and be part of the same political machine that’s been working against its people instead of for them. I believe he has the best interests for both the American people and the country we love in mind. I believe he actually wants to make things better, that’s why he’ll be getting my vote.

Travis from Colorado
1.) Yes, I am voting. It’s an important civic duty
2.) No, it isn’t
3.) Hillary Clinton
4.) I feel that the third party candidates are very unreliable and ineffective. As well as the fact that Donald Trump has notoriously bad ideas on how to run the country. Lowering taxes into around the 20% range didn’t work under Reagan (his lowest unemployment rate was 7.6%) and it increased the national debt even more when we couldn’t raise enough revenue to pay off expenditures. Also, I support a woman’s right to choose, he has no experience, and, well, I am very disconcerted with the way he is willing to deny 6th and 9th Amendment rights to the Muslim populations we have here. Not to mention the absurd things he has said about women and Hispanics.

Jacob from Texas
1.) Yes I am
2.) No
3.) Donald Trump
4.) Because Hillary has ulterior motives and lies about everything. She STILL has not owned up to any of her lies because she doesn’t have any excuse. She’s two faced, and I would much rather have a President that’s transparent just like I want my government to be.

Anonymous from Maryland
1.) Yes voting
2.) Not my first time voting
3.) Voting for Hillary Clinton
4.) I’m voting for her because she has 30 years of experience in public service, because she understands our political and legislative processes, because she won’t roll back civil liberties regarding women’s and LGBT rights, because she has experience with and intimately understands foreign policy, because she isn’t advocating a return to the thrice failed economic policy known as trickle down economics that stalled or crashed our economy each and every time it was tried, and because Donald Trump is a reprehensible douche bag in his personal life and because legislatively he’s dumber than a bag of rocks and has no desire to learn because he thinks he already knows everything.

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