We Asked The Opinions Of 24 Bros About The 2016 Presidential Election And Here’s What You Had To Say

We’ve seen countless polls predicting what is going to happen on November 8th, but what about the young American male? What are the issues that bros care about? What proposed policies are they worried about? Which candidates are captivating young men to get out and cast their vote? We decided to stop wondering and ask you, the all-important readers. Here’s what you have to say about the critical upcoming election.

Our methodology was to select posts regarding the 2016 presidential election on BroBible’s Facebook. We selected three posts regarding the election that had no bias towards either of the candidates, we selected three posts that were seen as pro-Hillary Clinton, and we selected three posts that were seen as pro-Donald Trump. Then we contacted randomly selected commenters from the posts on Facebook and asked them to be part of our election survey.

We asked them these four questions:

1.) Are you voting in the 2016 presidential election and if not why?
2.) Is this your first time voting?
3.) Who are you voting for in the presidential election?
4.) Why are you voting for that candidate?

These are the answers from your fellow readers, please respect their rights to express their opinions on such a polarizing topic.

Thomas from Pennsylvania
1.) Yes, I am voting
2.) This is the third presidential election I’ll be voting in
3.) I’ll be voting for Donald Trump
4.) I’m voting for him because I believe he will bring about an actual change to how our government is run, not being another politician that wants to be elected to rest on their laurels and be part of the same political machine that’s been working against its people instead of for them. I believe he has the best interests for both the American people and the country we love in mind. I believe he actually wants to make things better, that’s why he’ll be getting my vote.

Travis from Colorado
1.) Yes, I am voting. It’s an important civic duty
2.) No, it isn’t
3.) Hillary Clinton
4.) I feel that the third party candidates are very unreliable and ineffective. As well as the fact that Donald Trump has notoriously bad ideas on how to run the country. Lowering taxes into around the 20% range didn’t work under Reagan (his lowest unemployment rate was 7.6%) and it increased the national debt even more when we couldn’t raise enough revenue to pay off expenditures. Also, I support a woman’s right to choose, he has no experience, and, well, I am very disconcerted with the way he is willing to deny 6th and 9th Amendment rights to the Muslim populations we have here. Not to mention the absurd things he has said about women and Hispanics.

Jacob from Texas
1.) Yes I am
2.) No
3.) Donald Trump
4.) Because Hillary has ulterior motives and lies about everything. She STILL has not owned up to any of her lies because she doesn’t have any excuse. She’s two faced, and I would much rather have a President that’s transparent just like I want my government to be.

Anonymous from Maryland
1.) Yes voting
2.) Not my first time voting
3.) Voting for Hillary Clinton
4.) I’m voting for her because she has 30 years of experience in public service, because she understands our political and legislative processes, because she won’t roll back civil liberties regarding women’s and LGBT rights, because she has experience with and intimately understands foreign policy, because she isn’t advocating a return to the thrice failed economic policy known as trickle down economics that stalled or crashed our economy each and every time it was tried, and because Donald Trump is a reprehensible douche bag in his personal life and because legislatively he’s dumber than a bag of rocks and has no desire to learn because he thinks he already knows everything.

Brad from Florida
1.) Yes
2.) No
3.) Donald Trump
4.) Lesser of 2 evils. It’s basically pick a corrupt politician or a foul mouth businessman. I think the businessmen has better qualifications. This country needs something besides a politician. We desperately need campaign reform after this election. Why do I have more choices in brands of underwear at Walmart than presidential candidates? Don’t think reform will ever happen with a politician has to be an outsider. Especially one who doesn’t gain much financially from. Let’s be honestly Trump could quit everything tomorrow and go all Dan Blizerian 100 life times over and still have paper

Bradley from Florida
1.) Yes.
2.) No.
3.) Donald Trump.
4.) Mainly, I don’t like career politicians and don’t want liberal supreme court justices appointed

Eddie from North Carolina
1.) Yes
2.) No, voted twice before
3.) Donald Trump
4.) Need someone who isn’t a politician and the best chance to bring back the middle class

Brett from Florida
1.) Yes I am
2.) No it is not
3.) As of right now Gary Johnson
4.) Because neither Republicans nor Democrats give a rat’s ass about freedom. We as a country have managed to trick ourselves into thinking that this is the United States of Democrats or the United States of Republicans. That’s simply not true. This is the United States of America. We’re supposed to be united. Furthermore despite an underdeveloped policy in response to Johnson’s stance on a federal consumption tax and climate change initiative his platform aligns best with where I stand. I’m 100% in favor of bringing back the revolving door policy for immigration. I think we need to legalize marijuana immediately. I think any gun control method is idiotic (I also think it’s annoying how after years of saying “criminals don’t respect gun control laws so they’re pointless” Republicans then immediately turn around and say “we’re campaigning for these bathroom bills to keep sexual predators away from you’re loved ones. No! You just fucking said criminals don’t follow laws!) And even if Johnson doesn’t win (if he wins one state it very likely comes down to a House decision as no one will have 270 electoral votes) if he gets enough votes to swing one state away from the party it was projected to go to that makes that party say “holy shit, time to listen to those voters.” Because they sure as shit do not listen to us anymore.

Brandon from New York
1.) Yes
2.) Yes
3.) HRC
4.) TBH I always considered myself a Republican and I feel if Jeb had run I would’ve voted for him quite happily. But this election has really unveiled a lot of latent unspoken aspects of the Republican Party (that I think they’ve embraced and encouraged to get votes without think it’s as dangerous and screwed up as it is). Trumps position is about as classically republican as you can get, it’s just a weird package to get it in so you see it for what it is, this mix of ethnic-nationalism and America first Xenophobia with a mad desire for a security state. HRC is just a classic neocon and a centrist which I feel is so rare. It’s kind of nice to vote in the middle between two highly populist extremes. I’ve also just grown to like her as a person for all she’s faced and all she’s done. Not so much she deserves to be president but there isn’t a person who’s worked harder to get to that office in history I think.

Curtis from Florida
1.) Yes
2.) No
3.) Donald Trump
4.) Donald Trump boldly addresses many of the problems and concerns Americans face today. I have admired Donald prior to the election and also voted for him in the primaries. I believe he holds America’s best interest in mind for the economy, illegal immigration, and conservative values.

Brad from Pennsylvania
1.) Yes I will be
2.) I have voted in the past several elections
3.) Hillary Clinton
4.) I am not enamored with this candidate (Bernie sanders supporter) but I find myself aligned with the Democrats more now than ever before – against what I consider immoral ideals and blatant racism that the Republican party thrives on.

Charles from Ohio
1.) Yes I will be voting.
2.) No it is not my first time voting
3.) I think my vote will be a game time decision
4.) I can say it will NOT be for Hillary Clinton. I would lean towards Trump, I am not voting for the candidate necessarily, however I tend to agree with more of his points that not, not necessarily how he relays the message, but none the less. I am also voting for the Supreme Court justice appointing that will take place this cycle. Third party is an option I have been looking at more recently. Looks as if I am leaning towards Trump for now.

Justin from Florida
1.) Yes
2.) No
3.) Hillary Clinton
4.) She’s a corrupt as shit politician with experience in government. Trump is a corrupt as shit huckster “businessman” with zero experience in government with the exception of writing checks to other corrupt as shit politicians.

Anonymous from Georgia
1.) Fuck yes I am.
2.) No
3.) I’m on the Trump Train
4.) Clinton is a criminal and is a huge part of the corruption in our government. We have known this but now Wikileaks proves it. She’s responsible for the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi and lies to us about it, lies to Congress but most vile of all she lies to the families of the fallen. That and I wand to grab freedom by the pussy!

Robb from Indiana
1.) I am voting
2.) I have voted every election since 2004
3.) Hillary Clinton
4.) I am solidly a Democrat, so it was the natural choice

Darek from Florida
1.) I am voting
2.) No
3.) I honestly think I’m voting for Trump. Which just sounds crazy to say.
4.) I honestly can’t stand the guy. He’s crooked, he’s failed time and time again, he isn’t as successful as he likes to portray, the positions he takes on foreign issues is disgusting. And let’s be honest he probably does grope women (my cousin was the miss California that came out) I’ve heard some stories. And he very well be a dummy candidate set up by the Rothschild’s if you want to believe all that. Honestly that’s my favorite because for wild of a theory as that is it those emails may be the only explanation as to why that dude is even here. And yet even with all that bullshit….. he’s not Hillary. When you look at her body language she is a liar. She’s been surrounded or one degree of separation away from countless allegations of fraud and corruption. And you have to be Leary of any politician that makes civil service their life’s work and yet is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. It not about trump I think if he wins we may see an assassination. But I honestly despise her more than anything. Hell she’s only here because she literally stole the primary.

Ben from Florida
1.) Yes I’m voting this year, because this may be the most important election in our lifetimes
2.) No, I voted in 2012 also, I was eighteen
3.) I am voting for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson
4.) Of course he won’t win, but people need to see that they’re not stuck with the 2 party system and that there is an alternative, that they don’t have to be just liberal or conservative. With the massive amount of distrust in both major party candidates, this is a perfect time for people to consider third parties.

Michael from Missouri
1.) I will be voting this year
2.) I voted in 2008 (Obama)
3.) This year I will be voting for Donald Trump
4.) I am voting for Donald Trump because I like his tax proposal much more, His idea to get away from a singular health care system, his economic growth proposal, his stance on immigration along with his love for the military and it’s personnel ( I am a veteran. ) along with many other reasons.

Mike from California
I turn 28 years old on Election Day (November 8th) and work as a clinical pharmacist and own my own pharmacy. Have a PharmD. I’ve been eligible to vote for a few elections. I have not voted at all and I plan to continue that trend for 2016. I identify as mostly republican, (registered as independent) but I’m not one to lean amongst party lines, I vote for the best candidate. After comparing Trump to Hillary I see the worst products of America. Two entitled candidates with a plethora of wealth appeasing to people who don’t see through their flaws. The Republican Party, I feel, is no more. And the only other opinion id add is that I think these things truly are pre-determined… There is no transparency to us the citizens to ensure a fair election.

Weston from Texas
1.) I am voting in the 2016 election
2.) This is my first time voting
3.) I am voting for Donald Trump
4.) I’m voting for Trump due to his plans for privatizing Medicare, and allowing competition among the insurance companies. I feel the competition alone will drive down price packages, somewhat like the cell phone data industry. I don’t believe in the government being too big and making my healthcare decisions for me. Also, I really don’t agree with NAFTA and allowing companies to leave this country for cheaper labor, only to sell their products right back to us with no tax penalty for even leaving. Another reason is that as I, a 5-year veteran with two deployments under my belt, I really can’t trust the hand of Hillary to be our commander and chief. Despite everything that she has been acquitted of, I seriously believe she doesn’t care for the life of a service member in the way she should. And to be frank, I can’t trust her at all. For obvious reasons.. Trump is far from perfect, but at least he won’t lie to get your vote. He’ll say it how it is, and you’ll hate it or accept it. Hillary will sugarcoat everything to get a vote. She seems very deceptive. Also, I feel like we do have an illegal immigration problem. I don’t actually think the wall is the answer, but I do believe in at least putting out more effort to secure both sides of our border.

Ian from New York
1.) Yes
2.) Yes
3.) Hillary Clinton
4.) Because she is the only rational candidate on the ballot. In the past I’ve not been a fan of the republican candidates, but I haven’t felt like them being elected would ruin our country. I do however feel like Trump will do immeasurable damage to the country.

Michael from Kentucky
1. Yes
2. No
3. Hillary Clinton
4. To be honest, I really don’t like Hillary. I am a registered Democrat and I would consider voting for a Republican candidate over her, but just not Donald Trump. I think he’s equally if not more shady that Hillary, but he is a horrible role model and a prime example of what is wrong with this country

James from Texas
1.) Yes I did
2.) Yes it’s my first time (New citizen)
3.) I did vote (early vote) for Donald Trump
4.) I agree with his ideas of more jobs bringing back jobs to USA , rebuild military, safe borders.

Chris from Georgia
1.) No I am not voting. I don’t believe in the current election process with the Electoral College. I am not a fan of the all or nothing concept nor am I a fan of the fact that half the states don’t require by law the electors to vote based off the state popular vote. I live in Georgia and we have no law that requires the electors to vote based off the popular vote. Meaning every voter in this state could vote red and the electors could then choose blue and there is nothing that could be done about it. Even the states with laws regarding electors, the laws are ridiculous. In some states it’s just a misdemeanor and a $1000 fine for the elector. I understand the reasoning behind the Electoral College but with the all or nothing mentality you are telling blue voters in red states their votes don’t matter and red voters in blue states their votes don’t matter. Candidates will only fight hard enough to win the state and not win the people themselves. Electoral votes should be given out based off percentage of popular vote…not “you won 51% of the state so you get all the electoral votes.” Only two states divide the electoral votes proportionally now. It should be all. And do away with the need to have an actual person cast the electoral vote! This is 2016, why are we voting so another group can vote! Just distribute the electoral votes based off the popular vote and eliminate the middleman. But mostly I have no interest in participating in all the hate. Tell me why I should like you and not why I should hate the other candidate! Candidates spend more time trying to push hate for the other person. There is already enough of that going around.

The opinions expressed by those interviewed are their own and we thank them for putting in the time to provide us valuable insight about the election from young American men.