Bros, The Future Of Oral Sex Is About To Become Even Better, All Thanks To Dentistry

Thanks to a new dental retainer created by Taiwanese dentist and artist Kuang-Yi Ku the future of blowjobs may be about to get even better, folks.

I know, right? How could something like that possibly get better?

Welp, Kuang-Yi Ku has created a dental retainer that is “made with a soft lining and include implanted textures in the roof of the mouth-fitting that are meant to enhance blow jobs,” according to Refinery29.

The retainer was displayed earlier this month at King’s College’s Science Gallery in London as a part of the “Fellatio Modification Project.”

In an interview with Dazed, Ku says that they “would be too expensive to produce currently, not just because the dentistry materials are so expensive, but also because each retainer will have to be custom made.”

Ku says that he also doesn’t see oral sex enhancement stopping at just retainers either…

“In the future, I imagine people might want to permanently modify their mouths. They might get the soft tissue added into the roofs of their mouths. Body modification within BDSM communities already exists, so if the technology matures enough- people will use it. I imagine in the future people might modify their tongue’s width and length for cunnilingus.”

I don’t know about that. I’m sure he’s right, but let’s just get to work on these retainers first then we can worry about actually modifying mouths for the purpose of oral sex, okay?


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