The Nation’s First Beer Spa Will Straight Up Soothe What Ales You

Maybe last night got away from you and the boys, and what all of you really need besides a fresh fried egg/bacon, hot sauce drizzled breakfast sandwich is a bro-down at the spa for your beer-soaked souls. Well, if you’re in Oregon or up for a road trip hit this heavenly abode up: The nation’s first full-on, functionally operating beer spa that will quite literally soothe what ales you.

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Hop in the Spa of Sisters, Oregon offers its visitors massages, body polishes, and classic spa treatments, all with beer as the main underlying ingredient. This kickass spa follows after its European counterparts, which have all demonstrated great success economically, but also in promoting healthier skin amongst visitors. I’m just stoked the States are finally waking the fuck up, and we might not have to deplete all the bank munz for a Eurotrip to enjoy a legit beer spa.

Each session at ‘Hop in the Spa’ kicks off with you enjoying a chill brewski in the lounge area, provided by Oregon’s Deschutes Brewery (honestly so many good beers are made by these guys on a regular basis, this partnership’s too good to be true). Once everyones had their fill it’s a laxadasical stroll down easy street to either chillax in an herbal hops body wrap, or get a hops/brew-infused oil foot massage, or lastly go for the full soak in a cedar tub filled with a microbrew. Fucking, epic.

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What’s more, for those doubtful that this kind of fantasy could be real-life beneficial to one’s health, should know many of these microbrews are chock-full of ingredients rich in nutrients like selenium, magnesium, and B vitamins. The various beer spa treatments vary in price but only go as high as $125, which is totally bearable if you take a couple nights off from the bars with the bros.
[H/T: Mashable]