This Website Is Hiring A Paid ‘Bacon Critic’ Who Will Basically Get Paid To Eat And Review Bacon All Day

Bacon: it’s what’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner, second dinner, midnight snack and 3 a.m. when you’re feeling particularly gluttonous. But even if your entire diet doesn’t consist solely of bacon, there’s no denying that if the smell of crackling pork is in the air is enough to get your stomach rumbling.

Well good news for you and an estimated 80% of the world’s population – you can now get paid to eat bacon all day, as Time Inc.’s new breakfast and brunch themed website, Extra Crispy, is looking for a dedicated freelancer with a passion for bacon:

Do you like eating strips of cured pork belly*, a.k.a. bacon? Do you have strong feelings about what makes good bacon good and bad bacon bad? Is “bad bacon” even a thing? Can you string words into sentences and paragraphs that convey information and entertain readers?

If you answered “Yes!!!!!!!” to at least three of those, read on. Extra Crispy is seeking a freelance Bacon Critic to cover the bacon beat, spanning bacon’s role in food, drinks, and culture. Our Bacon Critic can live anywhere in the U.S. and will spend a three-month appointment researching, writing about, obsessing over, and critiquing bacon. Yes, this is a very real paid freelance position we’re looking to fill in the near future.

The Extra Crispy Bacon Critic needs to be opinionated and thorough in his or her research, and will be expected to eventually decide which bacon is the best in the country. Other qualifications include serious writing chops, an unmistakable voice, a sense of adventure, and an insatiable hunger—for bacon.

All you need to do to apply is send an essay of 600 words or less “recounting your favorite bacon-related memory” (as there should be multiple, if you’re qualified enough to be a bacon critic) to by June 24th.

Click HERE to read more about the position and exactly what the editors at Extra Crispy are looking for in a bacon critic.

[Via Extra Crispy]