UNBELIEVABLE: Parachute Daredevil Flies Into Moving Cable Car High Above The Alps

Apparently Arnaud Longobardi doesn’t realize that he could board the cable car at the top of the mountain or he could have easily catch the next one. Instead this parachute daredevil soared down a mountain in the Alps and amazingly flew directly into small opening in the moving cable car.

The 43-year-old professional speed flyer jumps off a 12,270-foot mountain, hurtling at 50 mph and somehow lands this ridiculous stunt. His parachute nearly is the death of him as it almost ripped him out of the cable car.

After Longobardi completed the insane feat and didn’t die, he had this to say:

“I have been thinking about this flight every day for a full year before I did it. I thought through all the challenges – speed, angle, and height – all the different scenarios from the take off, to the approach, to the landing. I really cannot find the words that describe how elated I am to have completed this flight.”

The pinpoint accuracy and skill it takes to slow yourself down to not fly through the car, but yet not plummet to the ground is extraordinary. He isn’t flying in the plains of Nebraska on a clear day, he’s flying in the valley of the Alps where one mighty crosswind gust will have him eating the metal side of that cable car.

Awesome. Next time just wait for the next cable car to come around, you maniac.