Cops: Parents Bribed Teen Daughters With Weed To Persuade Them Do Chores (Also Gave Them Cocaine)

There are different methods in raising children, some parents take a strict disciplinary tactic, while others utilize a more lenient system. Then there’s Joey and Chad Mudd, who ply their children with marijuana and cocaine as a reward for them being good kids.

The “cool” parents from Vermont, just kidding of course this is a Florida story, were arrested on Monday. Joey and Chad Mudd are facing multiple felony child abuse charges.

Investigators discovered that the couple used weed as a “bargaining tool” to get their teenage daughters to perform household chores and get good grades (Puff, puff, pass your biology test). That house must have been fucking spotless. The mother admitted to smoking pot with her children on five occasions. Wish my mom spent that kind of quality time with me.

But apparently weed is a gateway drug for parenting because the Dad of the Year candidate also sorted cocaine with his 13-year-old and 15-year-old daughters in his truck in a parking lot at Treasure Island in January.

Joey was charged with two counts of child abuse and was released from the Pinellas County jail after posting $5000 bond. She has been ordered to have no contact with her three children, who are now in the care of a a relative.

Court records list Mudd’s employer as a pediatrics care practice, which makes me wonder how she rewards the children at her work for a good check-up.

Chad remains in jail on six counts of child abuse and a cocaine possession count.

It’s going to be pretty difficult for the Mudd parents to bribe their kids to do their chores now. What are they going to motivate them with? A $5 weekly allowance or a trip to Dairy Queen will probably not prompt them to do the dishes like their previous incentives.