This Man’s Rant About Girls Not Liking ‘Good Guys’ Is The Most Pathetic Thing I’ve Ever Read

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Oh. My. God. This note randomly discovered by Tumblr user Fenrufenrifenny is the most pathetic beta shit I’ve ever read. I really hope and pray it wasn’t written by a grown-ass man with a pair of nuts between his legs. Any man who whines about women needing to give “good guys a chance” probably dresses like Jaden Smith and gets a text notification when their neighborhood vape shop gets Bumble Gum-flavored e-juice in stock.

This is classic beta entitlement in the dating world. Bro, someone needs to level with you that NO ONE OWES YOU SHIT when it comes to dating/finding a partner/sexy time, etc. Grow a pair and shut up. Your incessant whining about chivalry being dead isn’t going to make anyone — especially women — nostalgic for your great grandfather’s bygone era of sexism/racism/classism/etc.

Every adult male over the age of 15 should realize this, yet d-bags like this dude give men a bad rap.


All I could think of after reading that is this classic Louis C.K. bit from a few years ago:


This response on Twitter is perfect:

And the best response itself, as Distractify notes, comes from Tumblr user Fenrufenrifenny, who told him to GROW A PAIR, in so many words:



Here’s a transcription:

Dear Sir,

If you’re watching some girl you like getting hurt by another guy STOP WHINING ABOUT IT AND DO SOMETHING. Don’t leave some anonymous note on a dorm wall. If you know someone is being hurt DO. SOME. THING.

If you want to play the “good guy” you need to rethink your intentions. If you’re only doing it for gratification, then you aren’t being the good guy. Did Batman give up on Gotham because people weren’t thanking him for saving the city?

You know what I really want? I want respect. I want people to respect that I’d rather not walk with a stranger in the middle of the night. I want people to respect that I can defend myself. I want people to respect that WOMEN CAN DO THINGS WITHOUT A GENTLEMAN TO HELP.

You want to be a gentlemen and a good guy? Start with changing the way you and other men see women. We aren’t fragile things you need to defend. We’re people. Keep holding doors open, keep being friendly, just don’t expect things in return; you aren’t owed anything by this world.

If you want us to be less afraid of the world, then change the world, don’t change us.


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