Olympic Runner Paul Chelimo Found Out He’d Been DQ’d From 5000m During Live NBC Interview And Twitter Isn’t Happy

American runner Paul Chelimo won silver during the men’s 5,000-meter run last night, only to find out during a live on-air interview with NBC reporter Lewis Johnson that he’d actually been disqualified.

“Paul, I am getting some information here that you have been disqualified in this final,” is probably something you should refrain from saying to the guy who pulled silver a silver medal only minutes ago, especially when he hadn’t even been informed yet. You can tell from the video that he’s shaken by Johnson’s statement, but succeeds in maintaining his composure despite the soul-crushing news.

Luckily for Chelimo the decision was later overturned and he walked away with his silver medal, though Twitter was still pretty pissed over how callous NBC’s post-race interview went:

What do you think, was NBC being unprofessional or was telling Chelimo he’d been disqualified fair? Let us know in the comments!