Bro Of The Year Pisses Off Paul Ryan By Hitting The Dab While His Dad Gets Sworn Into Congress

by 1 year ago

It’s only three days into January and we already have a frontrunner for Bro of the Year. Keep your eyes on the kid in the glasses holding the bible at the swearing-in ceremony for Kansas Representative Roger Marshall. That’s Rep. Marshall’s son who sidetracks the entire thing by hitting the dab for the TV cameras during the swearing in with House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Paul Ryan isn’t amused by the antics at all and hates all the fun this kid is having. No, Mr. Speaker, that is not a sneeze. Poor kid even got grounded for it:

Personally I think the kid deserves some huge high fives for seizing a perfect dab-able moment. The reactions Mr. No Fun has inspired are so spot on:

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