How Do Penguins Melt Snow At Their Breeding Grounds? By Shitting On It Again And Again And Again

If you were a penguin, living in the Antarctic, and you needed to melt a bunch of snow so you could lay your eggs on the rocks below, how would you do it?

With a blowtorch? By breathing on it? These are all stupid ideas and are why you are not a penguin.

Ingenious penguins up there (up as in the video placement, down as in the Antartic) melt the ground by pooping on it and pooping on it and pooping on it until their warm poop melts the snow.

Watch them cover a snow field with their shit. From The University of Oxford, a prestigious university talking right now about penguin pooooooo.

Penguins apparently form groups before they start to breed and may inadvertently use their dark guano to melt out rocky breeding sites earlier than they would otherwise melt (dark colours absorb heat faster than light colours).

Oxford’s penguinologist Dr. Tom Hart say he doesn’t think the penguins know precisely what they are doing by shitting all over the field, but I think they do.

Or should I say, I think they poo.

[Via The Verge; H/T Austin Hunt]