People Were ‘Outraged’ Over How Hard Serena Williams’ Nipples Were During Wimbledon, But What Do You Think…?

Not that you’ve ever cared or wondered about it, but as a girl you can’t control whether your nips are hard or soft; it depends mostly on temperature/stimulation. So when Serena Williams’ nipples were showing through her tennis whites during her matches at Wimbledon, most mature people simply ignored them and go back to watching her kick the shit out of Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova and advance into the semi finals.

Notice how I said “most mature people”? That’s because we had all of these fuckwards…

…are apparently too immature to handle a few nips poking through a shirt.

And of course, because the Internet is fickle and unable to ever make its mind up, people then started complaining ABOUT the people complaining about Serena’s nipples. Do you people ever go outside? Do you have friends? Do you go places that require common sense and the ability to keep your mouth shut when the opinion that’s aboutta come flyin’ outta your mouth is stupid and inane? No? Oh. Okay, well…that makes a lot of sense.

Maybe take a lesson from these people, who had no problem with Serena’s nipples and only thought you lot were morons:

I hate people.