People Seem to Be Enjoying This New ‘White People Things’ Twitter Account

Now, this very well may have been a pre-existing account that simply changed its name, or could be the work of some of those weird twitter businesspeople who make money off of leveraging giant accounts to charge brands for retweets and other strange internet empire shit. Given that there ain't no righteousness in the game no more, I have a hard time believing this just started existing out of nowhere. Though if it did…impressive.

“White People Things” is by no means the first attempt at this weird web-based, self-deprecating “parody of racism” movement–it initially got off the ground with Christian Lander's mega-viral “Stuff White People Like” blog, which he managed to turn into a book, a second book, and a television writing gig. There's also this “White Folks Probs” twitter account (and a few others) that are pretty popular. Very funny when executing properly, though the whole thing definitely touches upon a race-relations gray area–something that inveitably brings along academically-oriented societal types shouting words like “implications!” and “Post 9-11 racism!” and “That movie that won best picture, I think it was called Crash!,” but I think the point is for you to read this, and not be a terrible person if you think it's funny. 

That said, White People:




[H/T: @TypicalWhite]