Is This A Photo Of A Man On Mars Fixing The Mars Rover? What Does The Government Have To Hide?


That right there is an image from the Mars Rover. It’s currently … roving around Mars, teaching us all sorts of things about the Red Planet, including that the government sent a man to Mars along with Curiosity to service it.

Do you see the man in the top left there? Yea. That’s a dude.

He’s there for a number of reasons. To see if a human could survive the long journey through deep space. To evaluate the mental state of someone abandoned 300 million miles from home. To see how long someone could survive in a space suit in the unforgiving environment.

That’s what the website UFO Sighting Daily believes, a brand unassailable in its credibility and insistence upon the truth.

They’ve got a lot of possible speculations on what that picture could be.

Someone who wants to remain nameless has found a shadow of a human-like being messing with the Mars Curiosity rover.

1st Is this proof that the rover is on Earth and not Mars and humans are cleaning it off and performing maintenance?

2nd Is this proof that humans are living on Mars in abandoned alien bases? (i.e. Gary Mckinnon hacker said he found such evidence on US govt computers).

3rd Is this proof that alien are messing with the rovers?

Well, as for one, I feel like if it was a massive cover-up, whoever was behind it would be smart enough to not release the images with the people servicing it. You just gotta hope we aren’t that dumb.

But two, two is a distinct possibility. Why wouldn’t we be already on Mars? The narrative that we sent someone to the Moon and then did NOTHING for the next 50 years makes no sense.

I also like option three. That’s how Transformers started.

I’m gonna go two or three. What do you think though, Bros? Does the government have something to hide?

[via io9]