Video Of ‘Pick Up Lines Around The World’ Is Proof Americans Are The Smoothest On The Planet

Cut Video filmed men and women from all around the world and asked them what the most common pick up lines uses by the locals are. As you can see from the video above America’s is by far the greatest, even if that dude from Seattle made up that line on the spot and nobody’s ever used that before in the history of America.

Pick Up Lines Around The World: The Most Common Pick Up Lines Used By Locals

So, what made that dude from Seattle’s pick up line the greatest in the world? Well to understand that we first need to acknowledge that one of the greatest things about America is that our country is a melting pot consisting of every race and nationality on the planet. I’d say that nearly every single pick up line in this is something that’s used in America today. It’s not cultural appropriation because they were brought here by immigrants looking for that better life in America, that perfect 10 walking down the street to use ‘Is your father a terrorist?’ on in order to win her heart forever.

That god awful pick up line about Pokemon is still THE BEST from that entire video because it was the most inventive, AND because we have all of those other pick up lines to use here in America. Everyone around the globe (outside of America) is still stuck using those old world pick up lines, and it’s time they started using their imaginations.

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