They Forgot To Remove The Nipple From This Lady’s Slice Of Thick Cut Bacon And, Yea, That’s Kinda Gross

One could argue that our current problems with the mistreatment of animals in mass production/processing facilities is that the average consumer completely forgets their meat comes from what was once a living being. It’s all very out of sight, out of mind. They aren’t real to us, because all we see is a slab of food.

So, to be a better consumer, you should always remember where your food comes from. The trees that bring us bananas, the dirt that produces carrots, and the toxic waste byproducts that are pressed into Doritos.

Bacon, you may not know, is from the belly of a pig. For the lady pigs, that is where the nipples are.

This one cut of bacon didn’t have the skin removed, and along with that came a nipple.

Perfectly normal, natural, and healthy. (I only said gross in the headline because it looks weird at first, but then once you think about it, nothing wrong with it at all.)

It’s still a very good looking slice of bacon.

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[Via Metro]