Let’s Watch A Guy Take A Pigeon To The Face While Going 112 MPH On A Roller Coaster

Ferrari Land inside the PortAventura World amusement park officially opened on Friday in Spain. The Italian sportscar theme park boasts “Red Force,” the fastest roller coaster in Europe. The 367-foot roller coaster that takes riders from 0 to 112 mph in just five seconds. It also kills pigeons in just five seconds.

During a test run, a pigeon gets killed from the murder coaster when it slammed into the face and neck of a rider in the first row.

You know his friend was like, “We GOTTA sit in the front! It’s so much faster!”

Great job by the guy to brushed off the dead pigeon off him and enjoy the rest of the ride. When life hands you a dead pigeon, make pigeon bloodade.

He handled a pigeon exploding on his face (Phrasing!) much better than Fabio did.


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