This Guy Orders Such A Ridiculous Amount Of Pizza Each Week, The Place Sent Him A Generous Xmas Gift

Too much of anything is never good for a person. Even pizza.

Redditor Vmn551 has an uncle who orders so much pizza, his regular delivery place sent him $100 in gift certificates as a thank you for his continued patronage and for helping to put the owner’s kid through college, probably.

Just how many slices does his uncle put down a week? Way too many. According to Vmn551, it’s pretty much all he ever eats, he never cooks for himself, and besides work he never really leaves the house.

Yeah, he is older and doesn’t give too many fucks about his diet at this point. He claims that he “eats to survive” and that this pizza covers all of the main food groups: Meat, vegetables, bread, cheese…

This is all getting pretty sad, pretty quick. So sad not even a thick slice of Sicilian could cheer me up.

Sending $100 in gift cards is pretty damn generous but the place probably isn’t worried about losing money. Vmn551 commented that his uncle “could easily eat $100 of pizza in a week.”

[via Reddit]

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