Pizza Tacos Exist And I Can’t Stop Thinking About Making Them

If you’re every bored and have a serious case of the munchies, here’s a pizza taco recipe to try.

Deciding what to eat can be hard. Sometimes you want pizza. Sometimes you want tacos. Now there’s a way you can officially have two of the best foods in the world combined as one. And it’s so stupidly simple that a stoned college kid can do it at 2AM while watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force reruns on Adult Swim.

The food blog Oh Bite It! has come up with a stupidly simple pizza taco recipe. I saw the pizza taco recipe on the dopest food blog on the planet — Food Beast — and thought, “damn… 4/20 is right around the corner. We gotta try this.” It literally involves a small frozen pizza like Totino’s Party Pizza, a frying pan, and a dipping sauce of choice — ranch dressing or marinara. I’m sure a healthy dose of Franks Red Hot or Cholula.

Pizza taco recipe:

Step 1: Defrost the frozen pizza.

Step 2: Fold it in half

Step 3: Oil up a frying pan and throw the folded pizza taco in the frying pan.

Step 4: Fry that bad boy up until the crust is crispy like a tortilla. Then let it cool a little bit and dip it in your sauce of choice.

BOOM — You bought yourself a cheap one way ticket to pizza taco blizz. Literally, the pizza taco recipe is that easy.

Happy 4/20 everyone.

 For more dope recipes, check out Oh Bite It and Food Beast.

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