Nintendo Is FINALLY Making A Pokemon Game Where You Fight AS THE POKEMON

by 6 years ago

Are you tired of the turn-based system that the Pokemon franchise has been using for years? Wanna actually control the Vaporeon you just sent into battle and blast Surf everywhere like you’re a goddamn tsunami? Well guess what guys…


The Pokémon Company and Namco confirmed today that Pokken Tournament is an honest-to-goodness, button-mashing brawler that’ll see the light of day next year. Beyond the thrill of watching a Machamp just going to town on a Lucario,Pokken’s arrival is yet another example of Nintendo’s new openness towards using game mechanic mashups to liven up long-running franchises. Hyrule Warriors, anyone?

Via Engadget

Although Pokken Tournament is only set to debut in Japanese arcades sometime during 2015, there’s a good chance it’ll probably be ported over to the Wii U for overseas audiences at some point…because:



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