Reason #69 To Wear A Condom: Child Uses Sleeping Parent’s Fingerprints To Spend Hundreds On Pokemon Gifts

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Bros, you should always be using some form of birth control. Whether it’s unraveling a condom, making sure she’s on the pill, or some other form of b.c. you need to be protecting yourself because if you slip up you might wake up one day to find your child stealing your fingerprints to spend money on some stupid shit like Pokémon presents. Case in point is this little snot-nosed brat who swiped their parent’s fingerprints while they were sleeping to spend several hundred dollars on useless toys/gifts.

via CNET:

Online purchases have been a pain in the wallet for parents, with the Federal Trade Commission hitting Apple, Google and Amazon with complaints accusing the companies of making it too easy for kids to make in-app purchases.
Kids buying online without their parents’ consent has cost these companies millions in settlements. For Bethany Howell, in Arkansas, her daughter’s unsolicited shopping spree reportedly cost her $250 in Pokemon presents.
The wannabe Ash Ketchum — or maybe Team Rocket is more apt — used her mother’s thumb to unlock a phone and open the Amazon app as mom napped on the couch just days before Christmas, The Wall Street Journal reported.
Little Ashlynd ordered 13 Pokemon gifts for herself, and told her parents she was “shopping” when they thought their Amazon account was hacked. The 6-year-old at least reassured her parents though that she got the shipping address right.


The parent was able to return the gifts after they figured out what the shit their kid was up to, but it still sounds like one massive pain in the ass. If this was me (and I had a kid), and a bunch of stupid shit showed up at my doorstep I’d be questioning whether I drank too much and was making midnight drunk purchases while sleep walking. Never in a million years would it cross my mind that a child was devious enough to swipe my fingerprints to buy $250 worth of Pokémon garbage.

For the full story, you can head on over to CNET’s report

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