Dude About To Get Laid Finds A Pokemon Go In Pretty Much The Most Appropriate Place Ever

The phenomenon of Pokemon Go is sweeping the world with its fervor, and let’s be honest, once you play for the first time, you are addicted. No ands ifs or buts.

I thought it would be easy. “Hmmm let me just check out this Pokemon Go game everyone’s talking about to see what it’s like…” and BOOM, now I’m walking fifteen kilometers a day in search of a goddamn Blastoise the game claims is across town (it’s not, I’ve checked, nine times), and can’t even make it a single block without getting accosted by a fucking Pidgey or Rattata. I JUST WANNA CATCH THEM ALL, FUCK.

These wild Pokemon are popping up in the damnedest of places, and I really don’t think that could be illustrated any better than this bro’s picture below…

Dude was about to get laid, and whaddya know, A DIGLETT!

Or more like DICKlett, right? Right guys!?

Okay, if you need me, I’ll be trying to evolve my Pinsir for the next eight hours because apparently dude at the gym down the street already has a level ten billion Vaporean, and everyone knows those things go hard in the paint.

Shit is so real out here in these Pokestreets right now.