First Man To Catch All 142 Pokemon In The U.S. Gets Free ‘Round-The-World Trip To Catch All Pokemon In Pokemon Go

So a little while back news broke that a man from Brooklyn, Nick Johnson, became the first person to catch all 142 Pokemon available in America in the new Pokemon Go game. 142 is just the number of Pokemon which are available in the states, worldwide that number goes up to 151 total Pokemon available in Pokemon Go because there are rare monsters specific to Europe, Asia, etc.

Getting the hype train that is Pokemon Go several travel companies got together to offer Nick Johnson the trip of a lifetime, a one-way trip around the world, during which he’ll be catching all 151 Pokemon in his quest to become the first person alive to catch every monster within the game.

via BusinessInsider:

According to the original video games that Pokémon Go is based on, there are 151 total monsters. We know that there are 142 you can catch in the US, six rare Pokémon that are currently unaccounted for, plus three more exclusive to certain international regions.
That’s why Johnson is taking a Pokémon journey around the world, so he can catch those three regionally exclusive monsters and complete his collection — with a free trip sponsored by Marriott Rewards and Expedia.
First, Johnson and his girlfriend will fly to Paris on Friday evening, with flights covered by Expedia, to catch Europe’s exclusive Mr. Mime. A day later, they’ll take off for Hong Kong in search of Farfetch’d, and then a day after that it’s off to Sydney for two days to catch Australia’s Kangaskhan.
Johnson says that he’s going to be relying on each city’s local Pokémon Go player community to point him toward each missing monster. While hunting for new Pokémon, he prefers not to use popular mapping tools like PokéVision.

Here’s what the regional world map of Pokemon looks like by the way:

Unfortunately for Nick Johnson, in the latest update of Pokemon Go which dropped late last week just as he was embarking on his trip Niantic, the maker of the Pokemon Go game, completely squashed out PokeVision, the map people were using to find rare Pokemon in a hurry. So it’s unclear as to whether or not Johnson will have any luck at all on his global trek to catch them all.

Now that we’ve gotten his trip out of the way I’d just like to take a moment and acknowledge how fucking absurd it is that Expedia and Marriott are paying for some dude to travel the globe and catch all 151 Pokemon. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s awesome that he’s doing it before some rich Saudi oil heir has the chance to do it on his private jet, but I just think it’s one of the more ridiculous promos I’ve heard about in my lifetime.

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