Pokemon ‘Sun’ And ‘Moon’ Are Confirmed For Release In 2016 Amidst 20th Anniversary Celebration

I love how righteously fired up and emotionally uber-charged every Pokegamer is in this video. It’s like, so that’s how I look when I’m out in public mackin’ on a Big Gulp while shamelessly trying to track down a shiny Mewtwo, but instead end up facing an infuriating string of bitchass Rattatas? Pissed dude, very pissed.

Anyways, what better way to celebrate Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary than to broaden the continuously challenging goal to catch ’em all, by announcing two new surprise Pokemon games titled ‘Sun’ and ‘Moon,’ set for release during the Holiday season of 2016–better be in time for mufucking Christmas though, amiright?

Unfortunately little information’s surfaced on the two upcoming games, but the trailer that accompanied today’s reveal managed to provide a few sweet ‘n pretty glimpses into what we might be able to expect. First off, there are hella car images thrown around in the trailer, which hints (god I so ferociously hope so) that the new games might allow trainers to mob around in (customizable?) rides. Now that would be an immensely appreciated change-up to those used and abused ‘running sneakers’ or sub-par bike we’re otherwise left to explore and conquer the various Poke-regions with. Plus one of the images shows an ambulance, which begs the possibility future battles that get away from you might soon be aided by on-demand, restorative wambulances. Tiight, right?

A potential snapshot of the new ‘Water Gym’? Possibly, at least based off that dope Horsea fountain out front. Though, I’ve gotta step forward and whine for a hot sec about the fact that they chose Horsea for that momentous glimpse. Dude put up an enraged Blastoise mid-Hydro Pump or something–Horsea, that’s really your play, really?

All complaints aside this is very exciting news coming out Nintendo’s corner today, and I can’t wait for what I imagine is an upcoming steady string of updates on the ‘Sun’ and ‘Moon’ games, respectively.
[H/T: Kotaku]