Police Department Informs Community That Meth Is Tainted With Zika In Attempt To Trap Dumb Junkies

A police department in Michigan had a unique idea in an attempt to catch meth heads. The Bath Township Police Department is offering an invaluable to the community by warning residents that some batches of methamphetamine may have been contaminated by the Zika virus. The police care so much for the community that they are offering to test meth to see if it is tainted with the virus that is most commonly transmitted from mosquitos.

The Facebook post says the following:

We have read reports online about meth possibly containing the Zika virus! We DO NOT want this to happen to you. If you recently bought some meth, you can bring it into the Bath Township Police Department and we can test it for you. Your safety is our #1 priority!
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Thanks, but I think I’ll take my chances with my high end meth that a chemist I know makes.

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