This Hilarious Police Hot Box Prank Will Heal The Nation

There has been so much controversy over the police’s handling of several very sensitive and highly publicized cases over the past couple months. The dissension has caused much debate, protest and strife. But what we need right now is laughter. Well laughter and a whole lotta weed.

The fine folks over at Whatever came up with a tremendous public skit that is sure to heal the nation. The pranksters visited Los Angeles while driving a fake police cruiser and dressed as cops.

They sloppily parked their vehicle at of course a donut shop. Thanks to a fog machine it appeared that the cops are hot boxing. A bystander asks the faux police officers, “Y’all smoking dope or something in that mothafucker?” Good police relations with the public has never been higher.

All through Inglewood and Crenshaw the fake police with their bongs get plenty of stares, giggles and “Hell No’s.”

I think instead of cop cams, cop bongs could immediately increase the peace.